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| Topic: Security IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) has released its Internet of Things Security Guideline [PDF] in a bid to promote a "security by design" approach to IoT development in Australia. It is the first in a series of documents on IoT security and network resilience that IoTAA will be publishing in the coming months. IoTAA believes the Internet of Things will contribute more than AU$120 billion to Australia's economy by 2025. However, according to the IoTAA, the proliferation of IoT means cybercriminals have more attack surfaces and personas that they can manipulate. Latest Australian news Government to continue Census name and address collection Growing reports of DDoS and data integrity attacks -- one of the most notorious examples being the Mirai botnet -- necessitates the development and deployment of industry-wide security and privacy standards, IoTAA said. "IoT is everywhere, and we are already seeing the insecurity that it can bring. We really want the guideline to help industry players understand how to practically apply security and privacy for IoT devices," said Malcolm Shore, outgoing chair of the IoTAA Workstream on Cyber Security and Network Resilience. The guideline stresses the importance of incorporating security into the core design of IoT solutions, but not just at the device end. The devices need to be supported by good end-to-end medical doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 architecture, as the development environment for IoT spans many languages, operating systems, and networks, the IoTAA said. There are also multiple parties surrounding a single IoT device such as the user, the manufacturer, the cloud vendor hosting the doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel IT infrastructure, and third parties accessing the device via an API. As such, understanding how IoT devices self-organise and share information is a necessary precursor to developing an appropriate trust framework, according to the guideline.